My story

Atelier Chicoine it's me, Jessica Chicoine, a jewelry artist. Graduated from the Montreal Jewelry School in 2013, my thirst for learning led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in industrial design at the University of Montreal which I completed in 2017. During my studies, following a class and workshop on textiles, a new passion was born in me. It was then that I decided to combine my love of jewelry with my love of textiles to create crocheted jewelry with recycled fabrics. It is during this time that I developed Loop, my first collection of jewelry made from textiles.

Atelier Chicoine is a laboratory of exploration with different materials, such as textile, paper and sterling silver.

In 2021, the pandemic inspired me to explore and present a new body of crocheted and colourful work. Tired of the dark, I want to use my work to inspire people to dare and unleash their true colour.

Atelier Chicoine is unique jewelry made of colourful textiles and sterling silver for people who want to affirm themselves, unleash their colour and spread happiness.


  • Conseil des métiers d'arts du Québec

    Member of CMAQ since 2017
  • Culture Laurentides

    Member and administrator of the organization for the arts and crafts