Find your style with our unique handcrafted jewelry

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Atelier Chicoine and let yourself be seduced by her handcrafted jewelry, where vibrant textiles are combined with fine sterling silver. This jeweler's meticulous craftsmanship guarantees bold, unique and timeless pieces.

Dare to unleash your colour by exploring collections that celebrate individuality and personal expression through each creation.

  • Handmade by a jeweler

    All the jewelry are imagined and created by me, Jessica, jeweler and designer.

  • Happiness creator

    I love knowing that wearing your Atelier Chicoine jewelry brings you happiness and adds a little magic to your day.
  • Inspired by nature

    The textures, colours and shapes found in nature are full of magic.

    It is in Quebec in the middle of nature that I imagine and design your jewelry.
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One Of A Kind

Unique pieces are artworks where I give free rein to my creativity. These are the pieces I most enjoy creating because I eliminate all my barriers and put no restraints on myself.

Some pieces have been created for projects, others simply for pleasure.

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Graduate of Montreal's jewelry school and with a degree in industrial design, I am a passionate artist with a great curiosity for the world around me. Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me.

I love working with various materials such as textiles, sterling silver and paper.

My creations reflect audacity, exaltation and femininity in a wonderful mix of colours and materials.
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Let's vibrate together.

My work is a combination of my passions for textiles and jewelry. I want to inspire people to unleash their true colour and spread happiness.

Let's be unique and bold for a world filled with colour.