Je suis tannée du noir!

I'm tired of the darkness!

Ever since I finished my studies in industrial design, I have been questioning myself about the purpose of jewelry. On one hand, I have the artist in me who loves to express herself and on the other hand I have the conscious designer.

As we know, human beings need to find their own uniqueness, to stand out with their personality. This is part of Maslow's pyramid.

The first jewel created by Neanderthals was found 130 000 years ago. So it's been several thousand years since jewelry has existed and humans have needed to adorn themselves.

Recently, I attended a conference on storytelling and its purpose as an artisan entrepreneur. I discussed with Martin about my questions. I needed to find my why.

Then Martin asked me the famous question: why do you do what you do?

I answered:

Because I'm tired of the dark, I'm tired of minimalist little jewels that all look the same. I want people to dare to wear colour. I want them to be themselves and to affirm themselves. We are in 2022. We shouldn't hide anymore. We should just be and assert ourselves. Besides, we've just spent two years locked up at home, we need to get out and show off.

That's when Martin said to me: "You've got it! You are tired of the dark, but in every sense. Tired of the negative, tired of the colour black.

And that's when everything made sense to me. I had a spark.

I was expressing it in my speech, but I wasn't making the connection.

Then I remembered when it all started.

In 2012, I was studying jewelry and wearing colourful pants. I think I had 7 pairs of coloured pants. I remember attending a conference and thinking, I need colour in my life. I couldn't live without it.

And I was right.

A few years later, as part of a workshop on technical clothing during my studies in industrial design, I made a coat. In my research, I noticed that most people had black coats and that became a design criteria for me. I wanted to make an elegant coat while forgetting the use of black.

Atelier Chicoine is us.

It's me, Jessica Chicoine, who shows her colours and lets her creativity flow.

Without code and without restraint.

It's you who wears the colour and feels "BAD ASS".

He's the one who needs a little extra in his day to feel beautiful

She's the one wearing her favorite earrings because she needs a little magic for an important moment.

It is you who wears this piece of jewelry because it reminds you of a person, a moment, a memory.

Atelier Chicoine is us.

It's been 2 years that we've been locked up and limited in our actions.

It's time to free your colour!

And you, what does colour mean to you?

Leave me your comments. I want to read you.


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